WeInvest Whitepaper

WeInvest provides a protocol to build investment platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, securities, and other fungible assets. WeInvest has released a dapp for trading cryptocurrencies and stocks.


The legend of Robinhood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. The modern-day Robinhood, in the form of a C-Corp, albeit indirectly, does the exact opposite.
Poor people don't have money for things they need, like food, water, and housing. When you give them money, this is where it goes. The U.S. government sent stimmy checks in 2020 and beyond, to rescue the economy. This is the largest bailout in history.
Middle-class people have money for the things they need, but still get stimmy checks. When you give them money, they put the money to work for them, to make more money. Often this comes in the form of an investment. Investments can be in equities, cryptocurrencies, bonds, treasuries, and cash.
Wealthy people have many opportunities to invest in speculative assets and private equity. These opportunities have traditionally been reserved for the wealthy and insiders at investment banks. In recent years, everyone has been able to invest in cryptocurrency tokens.
Efforts are being made to democratize private equity investment opportunities with crowdfunding, Crowd SAFE, DPA (debt payable by assets), and cryptocurrencies. The non-wealthy population now has some opportunity to make the kind of returns typically reserved for the wealthy. But there is not any way they can tap into the millions of dollars generated in trading fees. WeInvest sets out to solve this problem.
The WeInvest DAO, allows users to sign up and start trading cryptocurrencies and stocks. Underneath the hood, the DAO connects to a growing collection of financial data services and brokerages. All trading fees generated, go into the DAO treasury. The community proposes and votes for how the DAO spends the treasury.
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